Here Are Some Great Reasons to Teach in Moore County Schools

  • Student achievement results that consistently exceed state and national averages.
  • Exceptional community and parental support for schools.
  • Innovative and progressive curriculum.
  • Mentoring support for new teachers.
  • National Board Certification Support for teachers.
  • Plentiful opportunities for professional development.
  • Strong emphasis on technology growth.
  • An aggressive facilities growth/improvement plan.
  • A collaborative, team approach to teaching.
Moore County Schools

Core Values

• Collaboration
• Professionalism
• Enthusiasm
• Problem Solving
• Innovation
• Optimism
• Perseverance

Moore County Schools Core Beliefs

  • Every student can learn and succeed, regardless of socio-economic status, race, and ethnicity;
  • All staff are empowered to meet the diverse learning needs of our students;
  • Resources are provided so students and staff of all backgrounds and abilities can be successful;
  • Students should come to school and feel safe, secure, and cared for;
  • We are a partnership with students, parents, and community; and
  • We are accountable for the education of our students.

The strategic plan highlights five domains of focus for the district over the next three years:

  • Academic Achievement
  • Student Safety, Health and Welfare
  • Employee Culture and Capacity
  • Parent and Community Engagement
  • Organizational Capacity and Efficiency

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We Support Our Teachers!

  • It is our goal to provide beginning teachers the necessary tools and resources to ensure personal and professional growth.  
  • In order to ensure learning and continuous progress of all students, we must maintain high expectations of all teachers.  
  • High expectations are coupled with strong support for teachers to promote student achievement and effective classroom management that enables teaching and learning to take place.
  • Ongoing support helps to ensure that teachers maintain exemplary practices and teachers are retained in the profession.
  • Monthly survival guides to navigate your way through your first year of teaching. You’ll find tips on managing your classroom, your students, your curriculum, and your time, plus advice on talking to parents and working with colleagues.
  • Professional development opportunities focus on student learning and growth, support district and school priorities and goals, and build strong working relationships among educators.

Moore County Schools offers a comprehensive curriculum K-12 that includes workforce development, programs for special needs and gifted students and arts education. All three high schools offer a variety of Advanced Placement course, as well as other academically challenging opportunities for all students.

Moore County Schools

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