Here’s What Moore County School Teachers Have To Say

“The biggest perk to working in Moore County Schools is the sense of family. We are very close knit and share a lot of materials, best teaching practices and what works best.”

Rodney Garner – North Moore High School

“Moore County Schools has a commitment to helping us learn and grow. They want us to have professional satisfaction to grow and become really good teachers.”

Amy Dahl – North Moore High School

“Moore County Schools is a great place to work for a lot of different reasons. One thing is that they provide teachers autonomy and allow teachers to do what they do best and that is teach. They protect their teachers from outside pressures so that you can utilize creativity and experience to create your own classroom.”

Mariah Morris – West Pine Elementary – 2019 North Carolina Teacher of the Year

“One of the reasons that drew me to Moore County Schools is the sense of community. The people are really invested in the lives of the kids. They work together and not in isolation, they are teams. They are so supportive and not just for the kids in the classroom but supportive of each other across the entire district.”

Dante Poole – Aberdeen Elementary – Principal

“What I love about the students I serve is that there is such a good mixture of students and families from Moore County with generations growing up her mixed with students with military connections that bring different experiences. They engage so well together and learn from each other. That’s been so positive to watch as a teacher.”

Kimberly Coe – Vass-Lakeveiw Elementary School

“Both Moore County Schools I have worked at, the parental support is awesome. Whenever I said I needed something, or a child needed something, they are always right there to get it or find a way to give it to me. Even if they couldn’t they would at least try.”

Ashley White – McDeeds Creek Elementary

“The administration and school board want us to have proper training before we roll out something new. They want us and the students to be successful.”

Casey Cribbs – McDeeds Creek Elementary

Moore County Schools offers a comprehensive curriculum K-12 that includes workforce development, programs for special needs and gifted students and arts education. All three high schools offer a variety of Advanced Placement course, as well as other academically challenging opportunities for all students.

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